There are many specialties raised by the nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Fujiyoshida. You can savor local beers made from delicious water and tastes loved by locals.

Yoshida Udon Noodles

Yoshida udon noodles are characterized by the thickness and firmness of the noodles. The soup blended with miso and soy sauce is so tasty you will want to drink it all up. The topping of cabbage and salty-sweet boiled horse meat is a classic. The dish is also topped with tempura and egg in some restaurants. One bowl costs around 500 yen. This is an extremely reasonable price. There are more than 50 Yoshida udon noodle restaurants in the city. There is also a style of eating this dish in the living rooms of private houses. This is an interesting experience that will let you feel the traditions of Japan.

Food in the Shape of Mt. Fuji

Restaurants and souvenir shops in Fujiyoshida City are currently developing cakes and other foods in the shape of Mt. Fuji. Matcha green tea pound cakes that look like Mt. Fuji and large chiffon cakes are ideal as souvenirs. We also recommend udon noodles topped with tempura in the shape of Mt. Fuji.

Vegetables from the Foot of Mt. Fuji

Vegetables from the foot of Mt. Fuji are very high quality. This is because they are raised in good conditions with cold spring water in the summer, volcanic ash that offers great drainage and a cool environment. You can purchase corn, tomatoes, watercress, lettuce and cabbage in supermarkets in Fujiyoshida City. This means you can use them when cooking in guesthouses. Of course, you can also eat them in restaurants in the city.

Horse Meat Sashimi

A long time ago, many horses were raised to handle the luggage of mountain climbers in Fujiyoshida. This meant it was possible to obtain horse meat inexpensively. It is said that this led to the culture of eating horse meat becoming established here. Even today, horse meat sashimi and horse entrail dishes are staple home-made meals in Fujiyoshida. You can also eat fresh horse meat sashimi with sake, wine and local beer in restaurants in the city.

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