Fuji Michi (Honcho Street)


Also known as "Honcho Street" that runs through the center of Fujiyoshida, is the road that connects both the city and Mt.Fuji.

This street has become a hot spot on social media for seeing Mt.Fuji.
Mt.Fuji, seen from behind the tasteful signs boards and lanterns which decollate there shops along the street, and the miscellaneous electric wires that cross the street, is a one of a kind view that can only be seen here.
Recently, many tourists and photographers have been visiting this spot to take photogenic photos, with photos taken from here appearing on Instagram.

※Please do not take pictures on the roadway as it is very dangerous.
Also, the area is a shopping and residential area, so please be considerate and quiet when staying to take photos.
Please take care to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you.

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