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Arakura Sengen Shrine


A beautiful and majestic shrine with approximately 300 cherry trees and a red torii gate

The shrine was founded in 705 to enshrine tutelary deity for the present location. When Mt. Fuji had a great eruption in 807, the emperor of the time ordered to dispatch imperial envoy to this shrine to perform fire-extinguishing ritual. In the Age of Civil Wars, when Nobutora Takeda, the father of a famous warlord Shingen Takeda, battled with the Hojo Family, he pitched a camp in Mt. Arakura, a precinct of this shrine, prayed for and won the victory. He then dedicated his sword to this shrine.
Today, people not only in the vicinity but also from out of the prefecture come to worship this shrine for warding off evils, family happiness, safe delivery and child rearing. In spring, 300 plants of cherry trees bloom, and people enjoy the view with Mt. Fuji in the background.

Address 〒403-0031 山梨県富士吉田市浅間2-4-1(2-4-1, Asama, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi)
Phone 0555-23-2001
TransportPublic transport: It is approx. 10 minutes on foot from Shimoyoshida Sta. on the Fujikyuko Line.
Car: It is approx. 10 minutes from Fujiyoshida Nishikatsura Smart I.C. on the Chuo Expressway.
Car Park100 spaces
Free (However, there is a charge during the Cherry Blossom Festival period)