Araya Yama Jinja Shrine


One of Japan's three main money fortune shrines

The enshrined deity has been worshipped as a guardian of mountains since ancient times, and as a guardian of local industries by many people engaged in forestry, agriculture, and construction.

Thanks to the recent popularity of "power-spots" places throughout Japan thought to have special mystical energy, the shrine attracts many visitors pray for prosperity and good luck.

Okumiya (the rear shrine) of Araya Yama Jinja Shrine cannot be accessed from December ~ late April because the road is closed in winter.

Address 〒403-0006 山梨県富士吉田市新屋1230(1230, Araya, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi、)
Phone 0555-24-0932
TransportPublic transport: Take the bus from Fujisan Sta. on the Fujikyuko Line. Get off at Araya Kominkan Iriguchi. It is then approx. five minutes on foot.
Car: It is approx. 10 minutes from Kawaguchiko I.C. on the Chuo Expressway.
Car ParkYes

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