Aizen Yakuyoke Jizoson Festival


A festival to pray to ward off evil

The Aizen Yakuyoke Jizoson festival is annually held on February 13-14th at the hall of Aizen Jizo-son in the Azumacho district of the Shimoyoshida area. It is said that the ears of the enshrined Jizoson open from the noon of the February 13th for 24 hours, to listen to the prayers of good people, and to expel evils. People in their climacteric year (25, 42, 61 for men, 19, 33, 37, 61 for women) offer dumplings of the number of their age to Jizoson to break the curse. People of any age may also pray for expelling evils, offering the number of dumplings of their age. This event has long been popular among the people in and out of the city, and the place bustles with many visitors and various outdoor stalls.

〜Restoration of Jizo-son for the first time in 130 years〜 
 The Aizen Jizo-son statue was erected in 1482, and was restored in 1885, about 130 years ago.
Because it had been worn down over time, the statue was restored in 2017.
 People feel close to this Jizo-son as a miracle-working deity and pray to it for protection from evil, and for good luck for daily life, family, business, and marriage.
 We hope that many of you visit this renovated Jizo-son and make prayers to ward off the seven evils and invite the seven blessings.

Address 〒403-0004 山梨県富士吉田市下吉田8-4-3
Opening TimesFeb 13 and 14
TransportPublic transport: Get off at Yoshiikeonsenmae Sta. on the Fujikyuko Line. It is then approx. 14 minutes on foot.
Car: It is approx. 12 minutes from Kawaguchiko I.C. on the Chuo Expressway.
Car ParkYes

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