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Yoshida Tainai (lava tree mold) Festival


A festival where the faith in Mt. Fuji remains strong that is held in Yoshida Tainai - a World Heritage component asset

Yoshida Tainai is a historic site as an object of prayer of the Mt. Fuji pilgrims, and has been preserved by Fuji-ko worshippers and Oshi people.
Yoshida Tainai Festival is annually held on April 29 at this place. In addition to the shrine rituals, a bonfire ceremony will be held by Fuji-ko worshippers.
Yoshida Tainai lava tree mold, one of the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Site Assets, was formed from the lava flow during the eruption of Mt. Fuji.
The trees enclosed in the lava had piled in a complex form and burnt out to make a hollow. Since it was like a womb, the mold became an object of worship.
The site, including more than sixty tree molds in the vicinity, is designated as a national natural treasure.

Address 〒403-0005 山梨県富士吉田市上吉田剣丸尾5590
Phone 0555-21-1000
Opening TimesApr. 29
TransportPublic transport: Take the bus from Mt. Fuji Sta. on the Fujikyuko Line. Get off at Kankyo Kagaku Kenkyusho Iriguchi. It is then approx. six minutes on foot.
Car: It is approx. 30 minutes from Kawaguchiko I.C. on the Chuo Expressway. It is then approx. 30 minutes on foot from there.
Car ParkNone