Oyama Sankei (Sacred Mountain Visit) "Let's Walk to Mt. Fuji"


Walk from Nihonbashi to Mt. Fuji! Enjoy a trip to experience the faith in Mt. Fuji

It is said that pilgrimages to Mt. Fuji became popular throughout the Kanto region during the Edo era, and reached its peak in the Meiji era. This walking event simulates what a trip to Mt. Fuji would have looked like in those days, taking five days across 120km from Nihonbashi, Tokyo, the entrance of the route Koshu Kaido, to Fujiyoshida City, by foot.

Participants stop by historic and scenic places related to Mt. Fuji worship, and imagine what was it was like in the past. The walk comes to an end at Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja Shrine on June 30, the day previous to the opening of Mt. Fuji. At the shrine, participants attend the ritual of "trail opening" and celebrate the start of the Mt. Fuji climbing season.

Phone 0555-21-1000
Opening TimesJun. 26 to 30

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